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In the city, "It's not what you know, its who you know."....

We say; "CRM success is about who knows you!"

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Our Customer Relationship Management solutions (CRM) and Contact Management Solutions builders and trainers listen to how you work. We understand what relationships mean for you and help get you operational, without expensive bespoke software development. JI Software has over 30 years experience implementing, re-selling and customising CRM Software., This work has included many types of CRM, including solutions for education, charity, social enterprise and commercial enterprises. Working across a wide range of industries and enterprises, we have provided software solutions for each of our unique types of client. We are the foremost independent supplier of agile user-customisable CRM solutions.

How can CRM create benefits for youR organisation?


From the earliest days of leading-edge CRM, JI Software has been supplying university CRM solutions. We now have over 20 institutions using the Maximizer-Student Relate service support application. Our user-customisable solutions are delivering un-matchable cost-effective support to HE staff dealing with student needs.


JI Software is currently the longest established support and CRM knowledge centre for Maximizer CRM in Europe. We are business-focused and advise on how CRM technology can open the door to more profitable and agile working 2020 and beyond.

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We focus on sourcing leading-edge computing and communications applications, so we can deliver a system that not only meets but exceeds our clients’ needs for a Sales, Marketing, Service or Bespoke solution. Delivering a supportive, easy-to-use customer interface is our goal.

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